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Your Wedding Film by David Troth Wright has been creating magical movie memories for couples since 2014. We strive to give every couple we work with a customized experience tailored to their specific wedding, from how we plan your bespoke package, to how we film your events, to the length and tone of the films you get when all is said and done. If you want this tremendous moment in your life portrayed as the great culmination of romance that it is, or if you and your partner are big goofballs who spend your whole wedding making each other laugh, your films will reflect that. After all, you’re our subjects - we work with who you are, and we specialize in bringing out the best version of you on camera. We currently provide Teaser Trailers, Highlight Reels, and Cinematic Long Cuts for couples, and you can find examples of those types of films in our sample section. Package information is available upon request, starting at $1700.

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About David Troth Wright

Mr. Wright is an award winning videographer and video editor who knows his way around a wedding. Apart from filming weddings since 2014, Mr. Wright planned his own wedding, and has performed wedding duties as both an officiant and Best Man . Mr. Wright has been described as a calming presence on a busy wedding day, and views his role as a chance to not just film the best wedding moments, but to help make them happen. This has meant coming through to do whatever is needed, like cutting loose threads with his grandfather's swiss army knife, catching falling flower pots, helping guests get home safely, and making sure everyone stays hydrated on a hot Summer day. Mr. Wright sees his work as an exercise in kindness, and aims to surprise and delight every couple he works with. After all, anyone can whip out a camera and film something – but it's something special to be able to make a video someone will treasure the rest of their life.