The Centerpiece

My highest offering!  For the Centerpiece package, you will get myself and another videographer for as long as you want on the day of the wedding.  We will attend every part of your day, from hair and make up until your last dance, going where ever the needs of your video take us!  And when I have finished editing the footage, you will receive three different videos: a highlight reel up to three songs in length, a short teaser trailer, and a cinematic long form video incorporating not just your most important moments, but all the little ones that made your wedding your own.


The Extended Highlight Reel

Your extended highlight reel, which will likely be around 10 minutes, can contain up to three songs - that's one for you getting ready, one for the ceremony, and one for your reception.  I don't set a hard time limit on highlight reels, because I want to be able to do what is right for your video rather than just force it to be under a certain length.  When you select the Centerpiece package, I'll make you the longest reels I offer!

The Cinematic Long Form Video

For the cinematic long form video, I pull out all the stops.  You get the full cut of your ceremony, speeches, and other big important moments, intercut with highlight reel quality footage set to music.  If you're looking for one big movie celebrating the entirety of your wedding day, look no further!  And if there's a big event during your day that maybe isn't so well established as the cake cutting, but you want to make sure it gets the full video treatment - just let me know and you'll get to relive it once you receive your cinematic long form video.

The Trailer

With your extra long highlight reel, you might want to have something short and sweet that you can easily show to friends and family, or watch in two minutes when you just want to get warm feelings remembering the best of your wedding.  That's where your trailer video comes in.  Since this is so short, I'm able to put a lot of creativity into it. Trailer videos can be some of my most artistic pieces!