The Corsage

With the Corsage package, myself and another videographer will attend your wedding for up to eight hours.  We will film your ceremony with at least three cameras, and subtly follow you around to capture all the big moments of your day!  After I have edited the videos, you will receive a one song highlight reel and a long form video with all the most important moments of the day, including up to half an hour of your ceremony!


The Highlight Reel

The highlight reel is the staple of my video products - easy to show and share with friends and family, encapsulating all the best parts and best feelings of your day.  I make sure that this video is highly polished, and what's more, I am completely open to making it exactly how you want it. In the Corsage package, I make your highlight reel the length of one song - so that I can let the video be as naturally long as it should be.

The Long Form Video

The long form video allows you to see entire moments of your day all over again.  I edit it, color correct it, fix the sound, and then leave it alone - I let it be just as your day was, without me adding flashy effects that get in the way.  I typically include the ceremony, a first look, interviews, speeches, entrances, first and parent dances, bouquet and garter tosses, and cake cutting - though if you have any specific requests, that can end up in here too!  In the Corsage package, I include half an hour of the ceremony - perfect for short, modern ceremonies!