Hi there! I'm David.

I'm here to help you tell the greatest love story of all time: your own.

Tailored. Inspiring. Indelible.



When you hire me, you get a fully customizable wedding video tailored to you!

Is yours a great love story for the ages, and a deeply profound moment you want reflected in your video?  Are you two big goofballs and you want to laugh while looking back at your special day?

This can all happen according to what is most important to you!

I've chosen to make video as my art in life - because a motion picture can do more than just tell a story.  It can capture the entire feeling of a moment.

I am a dedicated videographer, which means I can focus exclusively on making your movie perfect! And as you can tell, I don't believe one size fits all.

I won't show up with a predefined checklist of shots to make some cookie cutter wedding movie. Every wedding film I've ever made was created for one reason: to capture the moment two unique humans decide to spend the rest of their lives together.

And that's really what it comes down to...

I treasure that, whenever I show up to work, it's the best day of someone's life.  Not many people get to say that.

I view it as both a professional and a personal goal to make my clients as happy as they can be with my work. After all, it needs to last a lifetime.