Sample Videos

We’re thrilled you’re interested in seeing further examples of our work! Broadly speaking, there are three types of videos we make: Teaser Trailers, Highlight Reels, and Cinematic Long Cuts. To help you choose what’s right for your wedding, there are examples and descriptions of each of these videos below!

Teaser Trailers

A lot of love in a little time! Teaser Trailers are short, 1-2 minute videos made up of some of the most stunning shots from your day, set to a swelling song. They're designed to, as the kids say, hit you right in the feels. They're quick to make, easy to share, and they look great. We can even get you one within two days of your wedding! What's not to love? The two presented here, Diana & Colin’s and Kristen & Christopher’s, were both delivered to them the day after their weddings!

Highlight Reels

All the memories your day wrapped in a few minutes of movie magic! Highlight reels are carefully polished short videos between 4 and 8 minutes long, and they're made of all the best shots of your biggest moments mixed with all the best lines spoken through your day, and set to music to match who you are as a couple. Your friends and family will love this, and you'll want to play it on loop! Xavier & Janine had their wedding at a beautiful ranch, and chose to have a two song highlight reel for their video.

Cinematic Long Cut

Your Wedding: the Film! Cinematic Long Cuts bring the full movie treatment to your wedding, mixing stylistic musical montages with full vows, speeches, and other important events from your wedding in their entirety. Cinematic Long Cuts are between 40 and 60 minutes, and are time capsules that protect the memories of your wedding from ever going dim. From the cadence of your partner's voice during their vows, to the sounds of your footsteps during your first dance, your Cinematic Long Cut will keep every detail of your wedding day alive for you to re-experience at a moment's notice. The video below is Diana & Colin’s Cinematic Long Cut, who you may have already seen in their Teaser Trailer up above. Hopefully this helps you see the different ways the same wedding can be presented in Film!