The Rose

The Rose Package is my most affordable option, but it is also where I can do some of my most creative work.  If you select this package, I will create for you a beautiful and unique single song highlight reel from your wedding day.  Each shot and angle will be tailored specifically towards making this one video great, and the result is a beautiful memento of your day.  If you just want this keepsake, without an unnecessarily long video you'll never watch anyway, then this is the package for you!


The Highlight Reel

The highlight reel is a beautiful montage of your wedding - easy to show and share with friends and family, encapsulating all the best parts from the big day.  You'll adore having this short piece easily accessible on your computer or phone, ready to help you relive all the love at a moment's notice.  The highlight reel is polished to perfection, and what's more, I am completely open to making it exactly how you want it. In the Rose package, I focus on your highlight reel alone, so it comes out beautifully cinematic.  Your wedding memories will look like the fairy tale you always hoped they would be!


Other Details:

One Videographer

6 hours of shooting time

Three HD Cameras

Up to one DVD